Get Smoke Odor out of Apartment

One of the common issues is getting the smoke smell out of apartments after it has gone vacant.  Painting may reduce the smoke smell, but it also preserves it for years to come.  Once the paint dries, it becomes porous again.  The smoke smell will definitely return.  You have also missed the change to wash or treat the walls that were coating in a tar and smoke film.  Smoke smell is literally coating every part of the apartment.

What apartment managers need to do is clean the apartment thoroughly including the carpet.  Prior to painting, call OdorXout for a full ozone treatment.  Ozone will reach the most hidden areas and destroy to smoke odor.  Painting may not be necessary or in smaller areas when ozone clear the smells out.  It is a mistake to think that paint will stop the odors.

Neither will carpet cleaning kill the odors.  The smoke film is not just in the carpet.  It is on the walls, cabinets, ceiling, furniture, and in the ductwork.  Only ozone is guaranteed to clear out the smoke smell from every part of the apartment.

The same goes for vacant condos and homes for sale.  Let OdorXout get the odors out because "If it Smells .. It wWon't Sell"

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