Mold Inspection Service

Mold Inspectors of PlainfieldGreenSoft Group Inc provides a variety of environmental services.  This includes a dedicated mold inspection service.  We also provide environmental inspections to commercial building seeking environmental certification.  And, we are local offering the mold prompt and professional mold inspection services.  In many cases, we can schedule for next day inspections.  

Full Indoor Air Quality Treatments
The Activated Hydrogen Peroxide Product that will Decontaminate any Building

If you feel there are unidentified health issues in your home, office, school, or workplace; we can use a spray solution that will:

   1- Kill mold and mildew and their spores
   2- Remove all VOCs, TICs, and chemical residue
   3- Sanitize against all pathogens (Bacteria and Virus)

   4- Denature and neutralize all chemical residue in the building
   5- Treat is done in less than an hour.  It is 100% biodegradable, and it leaves no toxic residue.

HEALTH CONCERNS:  We have a serious background in environmental operations and health processes that make our service a more comprehensive service.  We understand why mold happens and the health concerns that can be a mild concern or a nightmare concern.  Frankly, we are the people to call first because we endeavor to get the heart of the matter and find the best solution.

MOLD INSPECTION:  To provide the best solution for you, we are independent of any mold removal service.  We know many good mold services that we can recommend, but we know what to expect.  In many cases, our expertise has saved our customers hundreds, even thousands, of dollars.

ALLERGY ABATEMENT SPECIALISTS:  Allergies, Asthma, and Immune Compromised people have a heightened concern for the potential treats from allergenic or toxigenic mold threats.  We have skills that include mold and non-mold allergy abatement processes.  There are dozens of allergenic threats that can be eliminated to lessen allergy problems.

ODOR REMOVAL:  Are you bothered by bad smells and odors on your home or apartment?  We can determine the source of bad odors and suggest the best way to permanently remove them.  Mold may be one source of odors, but there are many other odor issues that are not easily solved.

INFECTION CONTROL:  We offer infection control program that will minimize or eliminate the spread of common diseases in schools, gyms, day care facilities, workplace, and public buildings.  

Activated Hydrogen Peroxide decontamination