Real Estate for Sale Odor Removal

Real Estate OdorsReal estate agents know the problem with real estate for sale odors.  The sense of smell is a primal response in everyone.  It triggers innate and strong responses.  Imagine your response to any foul odor.  Your instincts tell you to "Get Away" before something bad happens.  

It is now commonly reported that potential buyers make a "Buy or Walk" decision in just minutes of visiting a potential real estate for sale.  And, while there are many factors in that early assessment, smell is certainly one of the contributing factors.  

Bad smells are pet odors, urine smell, smoke smell, the smell of cooking with curry, and mold or mildew.  The people that are living or have lived in the house have learned to ignore the smell, but others are badly insulted by these odors.

Real estate agents are taught to declutter and stage the house to boost the attractiveness of the house.  And, they know to put out candles, potpourri, or spray the house to mitigate odors.  None of these solution are anything more than short-term solutions.  By now, we all know the trick of bringing in warm chocolate cookies to make the house smell more inviting.  These tricks are not fair to those who later discover the house "has a smell"!

And, do not paint over odors!  This traps the smell in the house for more than a decade.

OdorXout Environmental will remove the odors from real estate for sale and apartments for rent.  We are so sure that our treatment will work that we will retreat the house free of charge if the odor returns.  More and more real estate agents recommend OdorXout as the best solution to odors.  Our treatment happens after a good cleaning has been done and the carpets cleaned (if needed)

We treat every square inch in the house with our proprietary, EPA registered product.  We even sanitize the air ducts where latent odors can hide.  The process will also detoxify the home in the event drug use had tainted the property, kills mold and mildew, detoxifies the house from years of toxic products.  This treatment will reduce potential allergy problems inside the house.