Treating MRSA in Schools

MRSA post infection sanitizingMRSA spreads fast.  This bacteria has been referred to as the "Flesh Eating Disease", and for good cause.  This is why schools are worried about informing the public about a recent MRSA infection.  But, immediate and full-scale action is the very best solution.  While the MRSA infected people are identified and treated, the post-infection treatment of MRSA in schools is equally important.  MRSA often starts in the gym or the sports areas. 

Tobacco Odor Removal

Remove Cigarette SmokeTobacco odor or smoke odou will survive carpet cleaning and new paint.  Frankly, smoke leaves a film on everything that requires complete replacement of carpet, curtains, and new paint.  When paint dries, it becomes porous again, and the smoke smell underneath will return.  OdorXout are experts at removing lingering smoke odour from cars, homes, hotels, apartments, or workplace.

Mold Inspection Service

Mold InspectionMold inspection can be bad news because it opens the door for some very expensive services to get rid of the mold.  OdorXout Environmental likes to bring you good news.  Our goal is not scaring customers with horrible stories of illness from mold.  Many mold issues can be solved in a professional manner with great success.  The only way to tell is to call on a EHS Consultant who is trained to solve a variety of air and surface problems.