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Pet Odor Plainfield Illinois

Get rid of pet and cooking odors in cars or homes with our chemical-free treatment.   Read More ...

Office Sanitizing

Eliminate pathogens, pollen, odors, and VOCs from real estate, homes, and apartments.  Read More ...

Apartment Odors

After renters move out, they leave their odors behind.  Increase sale/rent value with an odor-free home or apartment.  Read More ...

We fix the air you breathe because the air actually impacts your health and enjoyment of life.  You can smell what other smell once you are away from the house for a while.  When you come in from outside, do you smell something that others try to ignore?  

Stop infections before they start with our Infection Prevention process.  If your home, school, or office has an active infection, we can provide a treatment that protects everyone for three months after our visit.

Allergy and asthma sufferers will benefit from our Allergy Abatement treatment that bring immediate relief to aggravating triggers.  One treatment will reduce allergy suffering and make life better for everyone.

Our professional mold inspection will accurately identify any mold threats and the smart way to get rid of mold.

Plainfield Odor Elimination

Americans spend billions each year on fragrances, sprays, and household cleaners to help their homes and workplaces smell better.  However, there is a downside.  These canned products are chemicals capable of promoting cancer and aggravating allergies and asthma.  People with chemical sensitivities may suffer from these innocent efforts to “Clean the Air.”  Instead, these chemicals are polluting the air.

Why mask odors when you can TOTALLY ELIMINATE them and sanitize at the same time?  OdorXout Environmental is certified and committed to odor removal and sanitizing.  We use processes that have been approved by the EPA and FDA to permanently remove odors from homes, vehicles, and workplaces.

We offer a green and healthy service.  No mess, no fuss, just results.  We guarantee our work.  If the odor is not completely eliminated the first time, we will return at no charge to make it right.  Truth is, our system is so good that we are confident in our guarantee to eliminate any odor.  Our reputation hangs on every successful job and satisfied customer.

Give OdorXout Environmental a try.  Avoid that odd look when people smell something bad in your home, office, or facility.  Pet urine odors are one of the most common problems we solve, and we do it well.  Smoke and other household odors get embedded into curtains, carpets, and places that cleaning will not reach.  When our workers are done with the treatment, your home or building will be odor-free, sanitized, and allergens will be greatly reduced.  Call us today at (815) 272-1653